CATE 2020 Abstracts

The theme for the 2021 CATE conference is ‘He Tangata’ -- recognising that it is people who are at the heart of all we do.  As career practitioners in schools, we work with young people and their transition from school to the next phase of their lives.  Our work is uniquely intertwined with the well-being of our students, opening them up to opportunities and broadening their horizons.

We invite you to share your research, your best practice, your tools and techniques, and tell your stories in workshops with your careers colleagues from around the country. Please submit abstracts for workshops under the following three key sub-themes:
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1. Hauora - Well-being Strategies for Students and Careers Advisors

Would you like to share tips, tools or resources to support students in their well-being or help them to know themselves better? We invite abstracts for workshops that particularly focus on the health, well-being and self-knowledge of individuals.

2. Whai wahitanga - What opportunities are out there?

What strategies do you use for assisting students to explore opportunities? We invite abstracts for workshops that enable young people to explore the vast range of opportunities available in today's constantly evolving world.

3. Heke Mai - Future

Do you have an inspiring career journey to tell us?  Are you working in an exciting future-focused space, conducting research or developing new strategies that will assist our rangitahi to look to the future and broaden their horizons?  We invite abstracts for workshops that expand the horizons for youth, explore new ways of doing your work or inspire others.

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Abstracts must be submitted by 13 August 2021

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