Call For Abstracts

Call For Abstracts

Marlborough’s 2021 CATE Conference Committee is delighted to open the call for abstracts for workshops for our conference from the 24 - 26th of November 2021.

If you wish to submit an abstract please visit the Presentation Portal

Please click here for the submission template.

Abstracts must be submitted by 8th October, 2021.

The theme this year is ‘The Tapestry of Understanding’ (Te tapiripiri o te māramatanga).

“The tapestry of understanding cannot be woven by one strand alone. It takes the working together of strands, the working together of weavers to complete such a tapestry. When it has been completed, take a look at the good that comes from it. In time take a look at those dropped stitches, as there is a message there also”.

The 2021 CATE conference provides members the opportunity to connect and build relationships, collaborate, share resources and reflect on career development practices.

This year, it is our hope that conference delegates will leave with strong networks and new designs to weave into their tapestry. Workshops are required to have some “take-away” element which could include a resource, tips etc.

Using the following strands as the framework, we invite abstracts, for our workshops, that will inspire and motivate our delegates.

       1. Weavers (Ngā kairaranga)

As practitioners we need to ensure students have an awareness of who they are and who they want to be, the skills to explore different pathways, the ability to make decisions and set goals to make it happen.

Do you have tools, tips or tricks to share for new and existing career professionals to help them weave career management competencies to develop an effective school wide career programme?

Are you leading the way with new ideas, new approaches and/or developed career practice and programmes?

How do you weave career education into an integrated curriculum, helping students to see relevance in their learning?

We invite abstracts which can support career professionals design a whole school approach to career education and how careers can be integrated throughout the curriculum to make learning relevant.

       2. Dropped Stitches (Ngā raranga i makere)

The world we live in is constantly evolving. This constant change demands continual up-skilling and resilience. Are you involved in research, evidence and/or design that empowers career practitioners to “pick up” dropped stitches? Perhaps you were a dropped stitch and have a great story to tell. What programmes have you developed to prevent ”NEET” students and/or support them to enter the workforce or further training or education?

We invite abstracts which offer ideas how to motivate and reconnect students in education and/or prepare them for the world of work by developing employability skills.

       3. The Journey (Te Haerenga)

The strand “Te Haeranga” recognises that a career is a lifelong pathway that an individual owns.

Have you got an interesting career journey to share? What tools/resources have helped you in your journey as a career practitioner?

What strategies do you use to expose students to a range of different pathways?

How can we best support students to make informed decisions about the first step in their career journey?

What qualifications/professional development is available for career practitioners working with young people to develop their skills in career education and guidance?

We invite abstracts that share narratives around their career journey and highlight tools used to expose and support students in discovering their pathway. We also welcome those who offer professional development opportunities for Career Advisors/Gateway Co-ordinators and other people working in transition education.

       4. Case Studies (Te Tohatoha Korero)

We want to hear about things that have worked well, have been effective and have a made an impact on student lives or your practice.

Do you have a story to share about what has worked well in your career practice?

We love to hear about lessons that have successfully engaged students.

How have you engaged with employers and bought the world of work into the classroom?

Tell us about the events you have run, how have they increased student awareness about different career pathways.

We invite abstracts which showcase new initiatives. We want to hear the “good”, “bad” and “ugly” of different career programmes and gateway initiatives that have been trialled and events that have been run to expose students to different career pathways.

Please click here for the submission template.

Abstracts must be submitted by 8th October, 2021.

If you wish to submit an abstract please visit the Presentation Portal

The portal is now live to submit an abstract. If you have any queries about the abstract submission process, please do not hesitate to contact James Chatterley on or 021 777 928.

We genuinely look forward to receiving your abstract documents.


CATE Conference 2021 Committee